Value of Management


Our Approach


At Wills Property, our job is to add value to your real estate investment(s). To do this we treat each property as if it were our own.  We go above and beyond for our clients, providing an ongoing communicative approach in order to ensure you remain involved and up to date with your investment.

By choosing us you get access to the business’s four decades of property acumen, knowledge, tried, tested and perfected approaches.

From the outset, we take extreme care in assessing a property.  The homogenous nature of the industry allows us to use our insight and skill to differentiate a property to maximise returns.  We position your property from the outset.

We drive value through our management processes.


Marketing of your asset is critical. Nowadays virtual online inspections will drive exposure, demand and rental. Understanding the depth, quality and mediums of information, graphics, photos and online media is what places us apart.

We utilise a mixture of:

- Ensuring the property presents beautifully;

- Professional photography;

- Concise floor plans;

- Copywriting;

- Signage; and

- Video presentations (for high end).

All advertised on our premier website,, and electronically sent to our ‘vetted’ internal tenant database.

Tenant Selection

We apply a proven tried and tested tenant selection process for our clients. We consistently witness the benefits of quality tenants within our management which is why we are recognised for our property management. 

Our stringent selection process is a culmination of online application and assessment overlayed with reference checks.  Our managers will call/email current employers, obtain past rental history, and contact listed personal contact referees. We also search the prospective tenants on a specialised database called Trading Reference Australia to ensure they don't have any bad rental or credit history.  Any ‘flags’ across this process will result in an applicant being refused.

Driving Value

We take our role as property managers very seriously as our actions are correlated to the return on your asset.  To drive value we:

- Highest market rent (via market analysis, research and property positioning);

- Ensure timely rent collection (driven by our managers and software);

- Minimising downtime (Seamless transitions though our active management process);

- Ensure you are protected (landlord insurances);

- Compliance with regulations (Legislation is not negotiable, our internal systems and training programs ensure compliance with the

   latest Governmental requirements);

- Property inspections (Start, minimum annually, end and as requested);

- Maintenance (All repairs undertaken by qualified, tried and tested individuals);

- Renovating or upgrading your property (Small or full refurbishments are handled by our team); and

- Comprehensive financial reporting (Deliver straight to you).

Critically all of this is provided at a highly competitive price.

For Property Management in the East, choose Wills Property.

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