September 20, 2019


I am often asked as to the best way to make money out of property. My rather simplistic answer, "time".

* Timing the market; and/or

* Time in the market.

The residential property market in Australia has weathered one of the largest 'value' declines over recent decades.

Significantly official data indicators are pointing to a recovery.

Price falls slowed throughout the June quarter. Data from CoreLogic have revealed that national values increased by 0.8% over August, led by the major markets of Sydney and Melbourne...


September 10, 2019

Investors attention the market is ‘Block Full of Opportunity’ !

Blocks of apartments continue to offer investors security of cash flow and underlying capital growth. 

Apartment blocks offer security of cash flow and the opportunity for capital growth, when assessed and managed correctly.

The following opportunities have been reviewed by the Wills Property team and offer a multitude of opportunity for investors:

* letting vacant space

* re-letting;

* refurbishment;

* through to redevelopment.

Having recently sold blocks in Randwick, Double Bay and Elizabeth Bay, assisted in the refurbishment and development of blocks, together with delivering value...


August 28, 2019


The ongoing improvement in housing market conditions has seen Sydney has seen discounting levels fall from a peak of 7.7% in February 2019 to 6.3% in July 2019. A combination of lower interest rates and changes to lending practices is likely to result in an ongoing recovery. As a result, discounts will further reduce and the 'power' in negotiations will shift from the buyer to the seller.

If you are looking at buying over the next 3 to 6 months we...


April 17, 2019

Data reveals rise in Sydney rental vacancies

The Real Estate Institute (REI) of NSW has just released their Vacancy Report for March 2019.

At a glance:

* The March REINSW Residential Vacancy Rate Report has revealed an increase of 40 basis points in vacancies across Sydney, from 3.2 per cent on 15 February, to 3.6 per cent on 15 March.

* Sydney Rental Vacancies are on...


March 01, 2019

"Winter is Coming" - Investor research on negative gearing and capital gains tax

A huge policy change that could come after the federal election in May this year relates to negative gearing and capital gains tax.

The Federal Opposition claims current concessions are highly inequitable, skewed towards high-income earners and not supportive of investment in new housing. Touted as a “positive plan to help housing affordability” latest research from the Property Council of Australia indicates that the proposed changes may have a far more adverse effect than first anticipated, especially as it relates to...


February 04, 2019

Can't See the Forest Through The Trees?

I was recently reading an article regarding the Australian housing downturn, theorizing “How bad will it get?”  Whilst the article pointed to the potential for further declines in pricing in Sydney (5-10%, taking the total decline to 20-25%) what intrigued me the comparison to previous cycles.

Based on CoreLogic data Sydney dwelling prices fell 25% in 1980-83, 10% in 1989-91, 8% in 2004-06 and 7% in 2008-09. Therefore a 25% decline since the peak in June 2018...


December 11, 2018


A PRIVATE investor has won out from six parties at auction to clinch a block of ten residential units in Sydney’s Elizabeth Bay, sold by Wills Property.

Click HERE to read the article written by...


October 11, 2018

“It’s a renter’s market”, “Rental vacancies in Sydney hit record high” - Cause for Concern? Perhaps not !

I am sure you have been keeping up to speed with the state of the rental market in and around Sydney.  Prior to 2018 Sydney had experienced significant renal growth over the previous 5 to 7 years, however the influx of new apartments coming online together with a population movement interstate have combined to produce a rare market where renters are beginning to call the shots. So what can you do as a landlord to ensure you have and/or secure...


May 10, 2018

Key Workers - An opportunity for investment?

We are always looking at opportunities for our clients in the market.  Currently flying below the radar are “Key Worker” apartments.

Key workers, or essential workers, are people whose occupations are considered essential to the functioning of cities, but who are typically on fixed, low to moderate wages. The Government, at all levels are constantly tinkering on how to ensure such workers remain in proximity to the city.

 NSW affordable housing laws as are currently encouraging developers to provide essential worker accommodation...


April 30, 2018

“Whatcha gonna do, Jerry? ……… Show me the money!”

Here at Wills Property we are continually improving and sharing our insight so you can maximise your investment in real estate.

This time last year I wrote a piece on the use of statistical analysis, as part of a wider strategy, to identify investment windows in residential real estate.

Twelve months from our analysis, I thought it beneficial to look back and test our ‘soothsaying’.

See link to original article.

To re-cap we were investigating market timing and how to identify optimal windows...


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