December 11, 2018


A PRIVATE investor has won out from six parties at auction to clinch a block of ten residential units in Sydney’s Elizabeth Bay, sold by Wills Property.

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October 11, 2018

“It’s a renter’s market”, “Rental vacancies in Sydney hit record high” - Cause for Concern? Perhaps not !

I am sure you have been keeping up to speed with the state of the rental market in and around Sydney.  Prior to 2018 Sydney had experienced significant renal growth over the previous 5 to 7 years, however the influx of new apartments coming online together with a population movement interstate have combined to produce a rare market where renters are beginning to call the shots. So what can you do as a landlord to ensure you have and/or secure...


May 10, 2018

Key Workers - An opportunity for investment?

We are always looking at opportunities for our clients in the market.  Currently flying below the radar are “Key Worker” apartments.

Key workers, or essential workers, are people whose occupations are considered essential to the functioning of cities, but who are typically on fixed, low to moderate wages. The Government, at all levels are constantly tinkering on how to ensure such workers remain in proximity to the city.

 NSW affordable housing laws as are currently encouraging developers to provide essential worker accommodation...


April 30, 2018

“Whatcha gonna do, Jerry? ……… Show me the money!”

Here at Wills Property we are continually improving and sharing our insight so you can maximise your investment in real estate.

This time last year I wrote a piece on the use of statistical analysis, as part of a wider strategy, to identify investment windows in residential real estate.

Twelve months from our analysis, I thought it beneficial to look back and test our ‘soothsaying’.

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To re-cap we were investigating market timing and how to identify optimal windows...


April 12, 2018

Are you on FIRE?

I have recently been intrigued by the numerous news articles on FIRE.

No, I do not need an extinguisher to douse flames in the office.

FIRE stands for Financial Independence Retire Early. It has captured the imagination of individuals who are underwhelmed by the prospect of spending decades paying off the great Australian mortgage and who’ve grown up in an era when secure jobs are scarce.


Of interest to me is that fact that property is a cornerstone in the approach.  By...


November 24, 2017

Opportunities in Property

“Before the game is afoot, thou still let'st slip” (Henry IV Part I: Act 1)

As we move toward the end of 2017, the outlook for the property market is uncertain. But what does this mean for buyers and sellers of property?

We have been through a period where we have witnessed clearance rates of more than 70 percent (high by historical standards).  In this instance, the demand for property exceeded supply resulting in a period of prolonged price growth. Ongoing performance...


May 05, 2017


‘Double, double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble' (Macbeth, Act IV Scene 1). Similar to the famous opening scene of Act IV of Macbeth where we are exposed to a myriad of double meaning, contradiction and sense of an impending tragedy, is the property market currently heading for such doom? If the media is any guide, there appears to be an increasing number of soothsayers predicting a property crash and that it is nigh.  But how realistic are...


March 13, 2017

"Show me the Money" - Statistical approach to residential investment

Who can ever forget Jerry Maguire yelling down the phone at Rod Tidwell, seeking desperately to secure his financial future, “Show me the money…… Show me the money.”

Unlike Jerry, we do not have to negotiate a deal on the spot. Successful investment in residential real estate is borne out of a measured, patient and informed approach.

With the real estate market running hot, and no abatement in sight, the ongoing performance of the sector looks...


October 22, 2016


Have you noticed a few changes to our website? As part of our service we are always looking at how we can assist our clients in achieving superior results.  Our new website is part of this approach.

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