Why 2021 is All About Rightsizing

2020 was certainly a wild ride. As a community we stayed close to home, we baked sourdough and we looked out for one another. Amongst many of the trends of 2020 came an awareness around focusing on what really matters, and enjoying time with those who are important. And the concept of ‘rightsizing’ fits in perfectly with these understandings, which is why it’s the new goal for many in 2021.

Rightsizing is finding the ideal property size to suit you and your family’s needs. Rather than upsizing or downsizing because it simply seems like the right thing to do, rightsizing is about finding the home that fits your unique lifestyle. For some families with kids, their perfect home might be a smaller home with a huge backyard. For others, it might have plenty of bedrooms so teens can have their own space. If you’re retiring, you might be seeking a property that’s easy to lock up and leave, or you might be looking for a spacious home office where you can finally write the book you’ve been planning for years.

Rightsizing isn’t about living small.

In fact, it was identified as a luxury property trend in 2020. Rightsizing is more about prioritising quality over quantity. It’s about finding the house that doesn’t have three spare bedrooms for the sake of it – but does allow you to have a swim every morning at Bronte Beach. Or the house that gives everyone their own breathing space but also has amazing entertaining areas so you can get together for regular movie nights and family get-togethers. 

How to go about rightsizing…

The thing about rightsizing is that it’s entirely personal. You might be looking for less maintenance and less cost and hassle. Or, you might be looking for more space for a growing family. You might be looking for lower energy bills, or for more outside space to play. Big life changes like children leaving home, retiring, marrying or divorcing, or health or career changes can often prompt the value of rightsizing. It’s all about finding the place that feels just right for you.

Rightsizing isn’t about sacrificing anything – it’s about gaining more from life. We’d love to help you do just that. Our Bondi Junction real estate agents can help with buying, selling, renting, property checks and property management in Bondi and surrounds, from Coogee to Alexandria to Double Bay. We’re here to help you find the perfectly sized home for you – in whatever size and shape that might be.

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