5 Additional (but Important) Things to Look for When Inspecting a House to Buy

Whether you’re buying your new family home or adding to your investment portfolio, you’ll no doubt have your own pre-purchase inspection checklist to tick off as you walk through a home to buy. While structural and pest inspections will be an essential part of your home inspection, there are a few aspects that can also have a big impact on the lifestyle in the home – but are often overlooked. You might like to add these five aspects to your inspection checklist:

1. Natural light

A well-designed home means plenty of natural light and comfortable year-round temperatures, so it’s worth considering how much light the windows let into each space. If blinds or curtains are closed during your inspection, or most light in the room is coming from artificial sources, be sure to check out the windows in the room to be sure the room will be light and airy rather than dim and gloomy.

2. Power points in ideal locations

This aspect is so often overlooked, but it can play an important role in how you might set up your new living areas in the home. If power points are few and far between or poorly located, this can limit how you use and enjoy the space – and be costly to remedy. Fortunately, most homes will now have power points ideally located for entertainment systems, TVs, kitchen appliances, bedside tables and bathroom appliances.

3. Flexibility in spaces

As you walk through a property it’s worth thinking about how you’ll be using each space. A tiny room might work well for a study, but can it be converted into an extra bedroom if needed? Could the double garage also be used effectively for storage? It’s not only wise to start planning out each space – it’s also fun to envision living there as you inspect the property.

4. Function as well as form

A home of any age can look great with a new coat of paint, but testing functional elements of the home will give you a true sense of quality. Plan to open windows, doors and cabinets to ensure everything operates as it should, and don’t be afraid to quickly test the water pressure of taps and showers. These are the little things that can make a big difference later on.

5. Noise

Noise can be so hard to notice when you’re busy focusing on the details of a home, but it’s also so important to the quality of life while living in the property. Can you hear the neighbours speaking? Noise from the road? Will a flushing toilet wake up someone sleeping in a room next to the bathroom? It’s also worth considering whether the house is under a flight path.

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