What is Property Styling – And Can It Help Me Sell My House?

They say first impressions matter, and nowhere is this a truer adage than in property. The wrong ‘vibe’ or an overlooked detail can sometime be all it takes to turn a buyer away from a property that’s otherwise ideal.

Here’s where property styling could come in. With property styling, a professional team plans and arranges furniture and accessories to bring your property out in its very best light for photos and/or inspections. Sometimes this might involve hiring furniture for a period of time, or rearranging your own property contents. Property styling is an investment that could potentially help you to achieve a better sale price for your home, or even a better quality tenant if you’re renting out to a premium market.

Keeping it neutral

A large part of property styling often includes include decluttering and de-personalising each space. That doesn’t mean your home is untidy – it just means that neutral styling can be beneficial when selling. A buyer wants to be able to envision their own life in that space, and this is a lot easier to do when viewing a beautiful kitchen with some subtle hints of everyday life rather than someone else’s family photos on the fridge. Professional property stylists will often bring in neutral yet inviting tones, shades and textures so that buyers feel welcome without feeling intrusive.

So – can property styling work for every property?

There are various levels of property styling from do-it-yourself to fully professional, and it’s important to consider where this investment will pay off in your situation. It can be particularly useful in a competitive market to help set your property above others in a similar price bracket or location. It can also be a wise choice for premium properties where you’re more likely to see a return on investment. One important thing to consider is that property styling can’t cover up bigger issues such as structural issues or neglected maintenance, and buyers will still be looking for these factors even if each room is styled beautifully. If your budget demands you make a choice between making these updates and getting in a professional stylist, we know which one we’d choose.

Whether you’re planning to sell or lease out your property, professional real estate or property management in Bondi is the right place to start. Our real estate agents in Bondi Junction can provide personalised advice on how to prepare your property and will help to identify any outlays worth making to ensure a professional property listing. Get in touch with Wills Property and speak with some of the most experienced real estate agents in Sydney today.

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